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On the 22nd of May 2014, Irish Water were informed that their impiled right of access to the Cairns Estate was removed and that if they came back in to the estate, they would be trespassing and installing the water meters illegally. They came today (30/5/2014) to continue the installation even after they where informed AGAIN that this is an unmanaged private estate that has not been handed over to the council.

The Gardai were called and informed of the current status of the estate.  They did not understand the legality of the matter as they are not solicitors or barristers (however, we do appreciate the Gardai taking the time to come and deal with this), they could only confirm that this is a civil matter between the residents and Irish Water.

It is now up to the residents of the Cairns Estate to decide if a letter should be sent to Irish Water stating that the Cairns Estate is an unmanaged, private estate that has not been handed over to the council.  We as residents are in our right to request that Irish Water remove all water meters within 14 days of them receiving the request or else we have the right to charge €2000 Euros for the removal and storage/disposal of the water meters.  This charge could be donated to the Tidy Towns committee.

The quality of the water with fluoride in it is bad enough, but having to pay for poisoned water is unethical.  On top of this, it has been confirmed that the meters are wireless and are transmitting on 433MHz. Anything over 300MHz is classed as microwave and is dangerous to the human body.

If there are residents who want to oppose the water meters, please email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can discuss this further.

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