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Update - 23/05/2014

The work to install the water meters in the Cairns estate appears to have stopped as Irish Water have been informed that The Cairns is still a private estate and has not been taken over by the county council. Irish Water's implied right of access was removed on Thursday the 22nd (recorded phone call) to their office explaining that they were illegally trespassing on private property with no right to install the water meters.

Until the county council take over the estate, Irish water have no right to come on to the estate to continue any works.  The council have sent an enforcement notice to Loughcourt Ltd specifying 11 conditions that they have not complied with as per the planning permission granted which need to be completed on the estate before they are prepared to take it over. Water Meter Loughcourt Limited (the developers) was dissolved on the 25/06/2010 and struck off the business register.

There is normally a 12 year window for developers to comply with county council specifications and to hand over the estate.  This can be reduced to 10 years if requested by the residents. So, based on the fact that most residents moved in around 2006, the 10 year period would be 2016, otherwise 2018 unless the developer completes the works required by the county council and hands it over sooner than expected.

Update 27/05/2014

The ITron Smart Meters that Irish Water are installing are called smart meters for a reason. They will be transmitting a radio frequency to allow for inspectors to measure the amount of water being used. As with Wi Fi and electrical smart meters, any radio signal over 300MHz is deemed microwave and dangerous to humans.  There is enough information on this website and on the internet to confirm this.

Imagine every house having a meter transmitting a radio signal?  This radio fog will cover Crossakiel and will, over time, have an affect on the local residents.

So to sum up what we are receiving with these meters, the government want us to pay for fluoridated poisoned water with installed meters that transmit a radio signal that is dangerous to the human body.

The good news is that even if the council take over the Cairns Estate, Land registry have confirm in a recorded conversation that the boundary of your property actually extends to the center of the road and not just to garden wall. This means that if Irish Water do install a meter, they will be trespassing on your property, however, if you do not remove their implied right of access, they will assume that you want a meter installed.

If you are unfortunate to already have a meter installed, maybe the residents need to make a phone call to Irish Water and put them on notice that if the meters are not removed within 14 days, they will be removed by the residents and Irish Water will be billed for the removal and storage of the meters! Residents would be totally in their right to do this as they trespassed on a private estate to illegally install the meters in the first place.   

If there are residents that would like to have a meter installed, please contact Irish Water specifically requesting your installation only.

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