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The company that are installing the water meters in Kells paid a visit to the Cairns estate today. 

They have been informed that the estate has not been handed over to the council so this means that it is still classed as private property. This means that any company that comes into the estate to make changes would be trespassing.  In law, it is assumed that people have access to land unless they are notified that their implied right of access has been revoked.  If residents are concerned about the illegal installation of water meters on the Cairns estate, we need to inform the water company that their implied right of access has been revoked and that, until the council have taken over the estate, they have no right to do any work or changes in the estate.

Please remember that we are already paying for our water through our existing taxes, so we should not be paying for water, FULL STOP! 

There are numerous campaigns growing around the country to stop the installation of these meters. The money earned will be going to pay off bankers debts, not going back into the community!

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