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Again the Irish Government are working on removing the heart of local communities by making cuts to the Post Office network without informing the Irish public.  With, what seems to be a media blackout in place, the media are not reporting this serious threat to rural communities.
Post Office Shut down
The Irish Government want to shut down approximately 600 rural post offices within the next 18 months and privatise the work out to third party companies. We have found out that the following companies have, or are aiming to take over the following postal services:-

• NCT Test Centers - Driving Licence Renewal
• Tesco - General Postal Services i.e. Post / Bill Payments / Currency Exchange
• Postal Codes - This service has been allocated to another company
• Social Welfare - Maybe the Banks?

The Irish Government need to look at using the Post Office network to provide full banking solutions especially for the unbanked and for people in rural areas where there is no bank infrastructure. This could even be a joint venture with credit unions.  People do not trust the banks and trusted institutions like the Post Office have a major contribution to make.

If the Government close down rural Post Offices, communities will suffer.  The disadvantaged will suffer disproportionately.  Communities will suffer both socially and economically. Disadvantaged urban areas will also suffer.

We need everyone to support your local Post Office and complain to your local Government representative about what the government are doing. As more information comes in, we will post it up on the website.

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