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Bernadette Bohan is an ordinary woman whose life was turned upside down by two different types of cancer. The stomach lurching experience of being diagnosed with breast cancer was terrifying for her. It was a painful way to learn the value of health and a lesson I was to learn the hard way. Together with her family she went to hell and back. But, she recovered and now she feels healthier than she has ever done. Why? Because she made a few simple changes to the way she lived her life. Bernadette Bohan

In order to help herself through the cancer treatment she channeled all my energy into getting informed on health. Anyone who has confronted a major health challenges in their life will understand her urgent need for more information. After searching out a huge variety of information about diet and health after her second diagnosis of cancer she met Dr. Brian Clement from the Hippocrates Institute in Florida at a seminar and decided to adopt the Hippocrates programme.

This is an intro to her story:-

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