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Mykayla Comstock was born on June 20th 2005. On July 14th 2012 shortly after her seventh birthday Mykayla was diagnosed with intermediate risk T-Cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia that had metastasized to her brain and spinal fluid. Her parents knew right away that they wanted to use organic whole extract cannabis oil and cannabis juicing to help Mykayla both mitigate the horrible symptoms of chemotherapy and to help her body rid itself of leukemia*. Cannabis Cured My Cancer

We as parents feel that using cannabis has been the best choice we could have made on behalf of Mykayla along her journey. It has been proven that cannabis has the potential to treat leukemia by means of causing cell apoptosis (programmed cell death)*, but most importantly Mykayla only has to consume a gram of cannabis oil daily to counteract the damaging effects of the many chemotherapy drugs that are required for treatment that is required under under FDA standards. The average child undergoing treatment for leukemia has access to and utilizes most of the offered pharmaceutical drugs given to mitigate the same effects. Some of these drugs include narcotic pain relievers, anti-nausea medicines, anti-depressants, laxatives, etc. Most of these drugs have their own unwanted side effects and may or may not counteract or jeopardize the efficacy of one another. Our daughter has been offered in excess of 10 prescription medications throughout her treatment, nearly all of which have been denied. The logic is clear, one natural organic treatment or multiple pharmaceutical chemical based drugs for a child already going through so much.

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