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Over the years there have been a large number of doom and gloomers making predictions around the world saying that the planet is due to be hit by a coronal mass solar ejection from the sun.  If this happens, it would wipe out all electrical equipment and send us back to the stone age.  Apparently in 2012, one of these solar ejections just missed the planet and had it hit, would have caused major power outages across the planet.

Has this ever happened before? Yes it has.  It happened in 1859 and it was called the “Carrington Effect”.  Fortunately for the planet at that time, electronics where not used so the only was the damage to a number of telegraph poles and telegraph stations.

What would happen if the planet got hit by a coronal mass ejection/cyber attack or even an EMP (electrical magnetic pulse - which also has the ability to knock out power grids).  Could you and/or your family survive without power and for how long?  The following documentary was made by the national geographical channel and gives us a view of what could possibly happen and the different levels of preparedness by different people.

One thing is for sure, if this does happen, we would need to bury our differences and come together as a community otherwise none of us would survive depending on the length of time the power was down.  In this documentary, it is 10 days. In reality, it could be months.

How prepared are you?

What is a Coronal Mass Ejection? 
American Blackout - National Geographic


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