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The community of Crossakiel and the surrounding areas where snowed in when the “Beast from the East” (as the media called it) paid us a visit and dropped an unprecedented amount of snow across Europe, in particular, the UK and Ireland.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, storm Emma paid us a visit on the Thursday, coming from the south and hitting south eastern locations. Red Alerts which have never been issued in Ireland were given by Met Eireann and most people just had to stay at home with businesses and transport links closing down due to the severe weather conditions.

As Crossakiel is the highest village in Co. Meath at a height of 525 feet above sea level, we tend to get the brunt of the weather as we did this week. The last time we had bad weather like this was in 1982 but the editor feels that this week has definitely topped 1982!

Thanks to a few local residences who came out with their shovels to clear the road coming into the Cairns Estate as this entrance has a slope and when trying to get out of the estate, you can easily get stuck with spinning wheels and going nowhere. There was also some snow cleared from the village itself to allow cars to manoeuvre.

Here are a few photos showing the snow coverage that we experienced in Crossakiel.

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