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Cllr. Sean Drew has contacted Meath County Council highlighting the constant disruption to the water supply to the Cairns Housing Estate in Crossakiel.

'I have received a number of complaints from residents advising that the water supply stops completely when the power supply to the pump cuts off. I have been advised that this has been an ongoing problem for several years and has already happened at least seven times this year to date. An example of the complaints I have been receiving is as follows;Power Off

"The water goes off all the time if the electricity even goes off for 2 seconds something trips locally and we have to wait until somebody comes out and puts it back on its ridiculous its an ongoing issue even if the electricity goes off with wind etc during the night we will have no water in the morning until somebody comes out and literally flick a switch".

Cllr Drew, the Fianna Fáil representative for the area continued, 'As a result of these complaints I have made representations to Meath County Council seeking clarification of the reason for the problems with the power supply pump system and requesting the immediate review of the options available to rectify this unacceptable situation. I am pleased to advise that following my representations, Meath County Councils Water Services Section have issued the following response to me. Hopefully this will finally resolve the issue for the residents of the estate.

"MCC Mechanical & Electrical Unit are currently installing an auto reset device to reset the tripped mains MCB when power is restored after an outage. This means that the pumps will restart automatically when supply is restored.

They are also installing a text dial out system to alert the Caretaker 24/7 when there is a power outage. He will then be able to take corrective action, if required.

We are not aware of an issue with power supply and outages in this area.

However, we will install a data logger so that we can monitor and record the number, time and duration of any power outages.

If there is a recurring power outage issue at this location, we will raise with ESB Networks regarding adequacy of power supply in the area to serve all the demands."

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