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On the 5th of December, all Cairns residents received a letter from local Councillor Sean Drew in relation to the Council taking charge of the estate.  I asked Sean to clarify a couple of points:-

1) Sean states that discussions took place with the local County Council and various residents. Now I do not remember being informed of a local meeting to discuss the Cairns as I would of advertised this on the website. So, I've asked Sean to clarify who the residents were and where the discussion took place as I'm sure people would want to know what was decided, especially if you live in the Cairns. Sean Drew Letter

2) I informed Sean that Irish Water where offically told that their implied right of access to the Cairns was revoked and that the Cairns was a private estate. As the residents are aware, Irish Water ignored this and proceeded to trespass on to the estate to install the water meters  I was told my the Gardai that the installation of a water meters were a "civil" matter.  This means that there must be a contract in place agreed by both parties. If you have signed up to Irish Water, then this is your agreement. However, if you have not signed any paperwork that Irish Water sent you, then there is no contract. Please remember that we already pay for water in 1.6 Billion of our taxes, so this is not about the paying of water, this is about paying AGAIN for water. If Tesco or Aldi asked you to pay twice for your shopping, would you?

3) I also have a recording of a telephone conversation from the Land Registry stating that the boundary of our property (as we are a private estate) extends to the middle of the road. This means that Irish Water has trespassed on your property and forced you to have a meter against your will. This is coercion.  


4) I also informed Sean that the water meter technology is dangerous as it uses wireless technology that operates over 300MHz.  Any equipment that operates over 300MHz is classed as microwave and is dangerous. I have also spoken to a number of scientists and experts like Dr Barry Trower (microwave warfare expert and physicist) Professor Ole Johansson, a neuroscientist at the world-renowned Karolinska Institute and Dr. George Carlo (Ph. D,M.S., J.D, Public Health Scientist, epidemiologist and lawyer) to name but a few.   All these conversations are recorded and available on request and refer to the dangers of wireless technology in relation to anything over the frequency of 300MHz.  

Dr. Barry Trower has also agreed to fly over to Ireland and stand as an expert witness to confirm that the Irish Water meters are dangerous.

We have asked Sean where he stands in relation to the ilegal installation of water meters in the Cairns.  We will let you know his reponse when it is received.

UPDATE 05/01/2016 - Councilor Sean Drew has promptly got back to us stating all the ACTS and statutes that Irish Water quote to force the residents into thinking that coercion and threats of non-payment are legal.  So, I have replied to Councilor Sean Drew and gave him a break down of the information below. We are not asking Sean to believe everything we say and are more than happy for Sean to do his on research. 

1) A reminder that the Cairns Estate is STILL private property and that Irish Water trespassed to install the meters illegally
2) Irish Water's implied right of access was removed before they entered the Estate (Irish Water waited a few days before entering the Estate as there was a local election on at the time, I wonder why? hmm)
3) Councilor Sean Drew has now been informed of the history and corruption of the World Health Organisation (WHO) regarding wireless technology over 300MHz
4) Wireless technology like Wi Fi etc was never approved by the Irish Government. The water meters use wireless technology well over 300MHz.
5) Because this technology is so integrated into our daily lives, the Irish Government and their minions have to use "deniability" that it is dangerous as they would be sued for billions if the Irish people realised this fact. Remember, we were also told that thalidomide and asbestos were safe.
6) Audio interviews with the three world experts mentioned are available on request.

Now that Councilor Sean Drew has been given the information regarding the dangers of the water meters, the illegal trespassing of Irish Water in the Cairns Estate and the World Health Organisation hiding the dangers of wireless technology over 300MHz, what will he do? Support the people or follow the party whip system?

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