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Now that our President has signed off on the Water Services Bill 2014, it becomes very clear to the majority of people in Ireland that Government parties and our very own President do not have the interests of the people at hand.

Even though we have already paid 1.2 billion via our taxes for our water, this obviously does not seem enough for this current Government, so they want to charge us again and then the plan is to privatise Irish Water.  The only way the Government are going to listen to the people is by civil disobedience and non-payment of the water charges.  We beat water charges twice before, why not make it a third time? Eviction-Process

The general consensus is that we are not living in a democracy anymore but a fascist state controlled by the corporate world with Government parties doing their bidding.

There are still a large amount of people who do not understand the fact that every party is controlled by a party whip system.  A whip system is a small number of senior party politicians that dictate their decisions to the rest of the party members who have to tow the party line our get removed/fired.  Remember, the survival of the party and the needs of the party supercede the needs of the people!

This is not “representative democracy”, this is a dictatorship!

There are people who think that by voting in another party, in the 2016 elections, that it will make a difference, it doesn’t and it won’t, full stop! We’ve had every party in since the formation of the state and the country is still on its knees, does this not ring a bell to people? Every time we change to a different party they just blame the previous party and shrug their shoulders and say “we inherited their mess, what can we do?”.

Well it’s time for change.  One suggestion is to remove all parties from Government and replace them with a technical group of independent TD’s with a mandate from the people to bring back article 47 and 48 of the constitution which was given to us by our forefathers in 1919 and removed by a Fine Gael Government in 1937 (I wonder why? hmmm!). 

Our forefathers were very clever men.  They know that politicians could be corrupted, so they gave us true representative democracy which gave the Irish people the ability to have a referendum on anything that affected them or the country, once enough signatures were collected. If today's Government parties really represented the people, they would bring back in article 47 and 48, but we already know that they have no interest in the people, hence why they ignore this part of our history.

The only people that will care about their own lives are the people of Ireland and not rich politicians who just feather their own nest and have no interested in helping the people of Ireland.

How can any TD sit back and watch families being evicted from their homes? Not only is this morally wrong, its constitutionally wrong and anyone who thinks this is right obviously lacks morals, empathy and has no understanding on how our corrupt banking system works.  Just today (30/12/2014) there was a story in the Evening Herald about a father who was hounded by three banks. He stabbed his wife to death, stabbed one of his Daughters and then stabbed himself. His Daughter is critical in hospital at present, but he and his wife are dead, all because of the banks.  Thanks to the politicians who voted on the bill to evict people from their homes and the Government party who supported it.

There are going to be another 50,000 people evicted this year (2015) that we know of.  The people of Ireland have to start standing up and be counted and say “enough is enough”.

The time for the “ah sure, what can we do?” or “I’m ok jack” attitude is over.  Most of us are one month’s salary away from defaulting on our mortgage, so action needs to be taken.  People need to wake up to the fact that our system is corrupt to the core and we need to remove the current system and replace it with a system that works for the people, not against them.

If you are struggling or concerned about losing your home, please contact the National Land League on 089 4740811. This is a free service and they have helped a large number of people stay in their homes and negotiated with the banks on behalf of the home owner. Please do not become a statistic, we are all in this together!

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