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For people who did attend the protest yesterday in Dublin, it was a great success with over 100,000 people turning up to tell the Government that enough is enough! Everyone was there for the same reason.  We cannot afford anymore taxes/charges or austerity and with the elections coming up, the Government should listen to the people. Not only is this a protest, but it is an awakening of the people to what the current and successive Governments have done to the people of Ireland. Irish Water Protest

What most people assume is that, by voting for a local TD, they can actually change things.  Yes, if you want a fence or hole in the road fixed, they might be able to help, but that is where it stops.  The awakened people of Ireland know it and the TD's know it. We just have to wake up the people who still think that voting for any of the main stream parties will make a difference, it won't! It is an illusion that you have been condition to believe since you were born. 

Politics 101

All the main parties have a party whip system which means that there are a group of senior TD's who call the shots. This was evident when George Lee, after only being with Fine Gael for 9 months, left the party. The reason why he left was the fact that all the parties are institutionalised.  All his proposals where ignored and as a party member, you either tow the rope or leave.  People think that our ploitical system is based on "representative democracy", it is not.  We have a dictactorship, hence why when all the TD's in Co. Meath where asked if we are in a "representative democracy", none of them answered. They know it and now we know it! The party and the survival of the party comes first, then their own selfish needs comes second and if we are lucky, the people of Ireland next.  This is exactly the same process as a corporate company uses.   

This is why successive Governments never ever manage to solve the problems of the country, because they do not want to. By keeping the people down, they have the power.  If you research any country that was controlled by a dictator, you will see the same pattern. The current system of politics is antiquated, out of date, self serving and only benefits the 1%.  In our 1919 constitution, our forefathers left us the ability to call a referendum if we where not happy with what the Government were doing. This is called the direct democracy process and has been in use for over 800 years in Switzerland. In 1928, T Cosgrave ignored Eamon De Valera when he requested a referendum and this was the demise of direct democracy. We are in a different time now and we need to bring the direct democracy process back and give the power back to the people of Ireland.  Only then, will the Government serve the people rather than the people serve the Government.

The loca TD's know they have no control so they do what their told and give the people the hard luck story over and over again. We are seeing blatant corruption, scandals, jobs for the boys with successive Governments, Gardai, bankers and the court system.  So what do a lot people say? Normally it's "ah sure what can you do?", well have a look at the protest in Dublin yesterday (11th of October) and see what can be done if you care about your country and your family. Getting in to politics is a gravy train for most of them and pays a nice pension after 4/5 years of service.  Only when this changes will we start to get people in Government that will actually help the people.

The people who can help are here, the solutions are ready, but to change the current system we need people power as it is very hard to get a bone off a bull dog!

 Right To Water Protest - 11th of October 2014

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