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Isn’t great to see that the Irish people are beginning to wake up to the way they are being abused by successive Governments and rebelling against the local property charge and the new Irish Water charge by not contracting with them.  Please remember, The Cairns Estate is still private property and has not been handed over to the council. We also do not have a management company taking care of the estate, so they had no legal right to install the water meters in the first place. Return To Sender

Some people have already received the paperwork from Irish Water which requests people to give  a privately owned company their personal details.  This is complete madness! Denis O’Brian, who has just been let off 300 million by the Irish Government (an IRBC Debt apparently), recently purchased a 50 million Euro Gulf Stream jet aircraft and registered it in the Island of Man to avoid paying tax in Ireland. He wants your personal information to tax you for water that you have already paid for (1.2 Billion to be exact).

Now add on top of this the poisoned fluoridated water that they pass off as safe and you have to ask yourself, why are people putting up with this? Why are more people not fighting through peaceful non-compliant resistance. Why are people accepting this from the Government? Governments are there to take care of the administration of the country and not to impose more taxes and more laws on the Irish people.

This is not a matter of whether you can afford to pay or not, this is about the principal. We know that there are “I’m ok jack” people who can pay and will have the standard comment “ah sure what can you do?” attitude to these new taxes. Well hold on to your hats because there are going to be a hell of a lot more coming down the line and there will be a time when these people will not be able to afford them.  By that time it will be too late for them as there will be no one around to help or support them.

On top of this, the “I’m ok jack” people tend to vote for the main stream parties because they either know a representative of the party who might of got a hole fixed in their road so they will vote for them or they will vote for them because he/she is a nice man/woman without even looking at how their party is destroying the country and the Irish people.

This is political ignorance and by voting for these main stream parties like Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and Labour, people are keeping this totalitarian, draconian system in place.  Successive Governments are destroying the country via the E.U.   The country you, your kids and your grand kids will be inheriting.

What will you say to your kids and your grand kids when they ask you…..What were you doing when the Government were destroying the country?

The only thing we can do is to take back our power and the only way we will do this is to reinstate Direct Democracy which was in our original constitution. Our forefathers knew Governments could be corrupted so they gave us this.  Unfortunately W T Cosgrave ignored Direct Democracy in 1928 and the demise of Ireland began.

Direct Democracy can be re-constituted and brought in by any party, but as usual, most parties are only interested in their own greed and do not want the people to have the power to remove them from office if they are not doing their job and they do not want people to be able to vote away new taxes or new legislation that will reduce your freedom.

Direct Democracy comes under different names but it means the same thing – people power, not Government power.

People are so used to the tweedledum, tweedledee political parties that they do not know their own history and why our forefathers faught and died for their country.

So when are YOU going to stand up and start becoming the fighting Irish that we are known for rather than the obedient/passive Irish the majority of the people seem to be?

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