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Not far from Crossakiel is Fore Abbey.

Established originally in 630AD by St. Fechin and set in the rolling hills of Westmeath, this site now houses the remains of a 13th century Benedictine Priory, an anchorite cell, St. Fechins Church and including "the water that won't boil" and "the tree that won't burn". This ruin is impressive from the moment you see it either from the car park or up on the hill above St. Feichin's Church (Oppsite the Abbey). Fore Abbey

When you walk around the site itself you are constantly noticing little features that tell the tales of the buildings progression and 'modernisation' over the years.

One of the first things to notice is how well defended the entrance is. The path does not run directly to it but runs along the front of the wall for a small way passing several narrow archery slots.

A long passageway leads from the main yard area into the complex from the east to the centre, where in the very centre are the cloisters. On one side a small segment of the arches that helped support the roof survive, revealing how splendid this building would have been.

The church on the north side is quite large with an impressive triple east window. On the other sides of the cloisters are many other buildings two or three storeys high.

Fore AbbeyOn the north east and south east corners two great towers rise and show positive signs of defensive design through archery slots and battlements.

Outside the main ruins are several other buildings that are no more than foundations now.
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