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Many people who visit Crossakiel ask the same questions, why did Paddy Carney start his Aluminium and Copper recycling business in a small village and in such a rural location. The answer lies in the background and values held by the founder of the company – Paddy Carney. P Carney's Ltd

Born in Connolly, Ennis, Co. Clare in 1920 – Paddy was the second youngest of six boys and one girl. He emigrated to England towards the end of World War II where he worked with John Dale & Sons, on aluminium manufacturer based in St Albans, near London. Whilst in St Albans, he met his future wife, Joan Wallis, and they married in 1948.

While in England, Paddy became involved in the service and manufacturing industry supporting the war. He subsequently became an employer of many Irish people who sought work during these difficult years and set up a business recycling aircraft on airfields that had become dormant and of no further use.

Paddy then wished to realise his long life ambition of buying a farm of good land in Co Meath. Coming from Clare he had all the appreciation of the beautiful surroundings of rural Ireland.

P CarneyPaddy and Joan returned to Ireland in 1951 and bought the Deerpark farm at Crossakiel. Paddy was a very progressive farmer and was successful at many stock shows all over Leinster in the 50s and 60s. The Carneys subsequently bought a house with an area of land attached in Crossakiel where Paddy established the first aluminium re-processing business in Ireland. This business flourished and expanded, with most of its product – in the form of high specification Aluminum Alloy Ingot – being exported to the UK and Continental Europe.

The company P. Carney Limited was incorporated in 1964 with 7 employees and employed up to 120 people in the 1980s. Currently approximately 50 people are employed in a new expanded facility.

The company received the Irish Quality Association Q Mark for its quality system in 1984. Ten years later it received the prestigious ISO 9002, and was the first metal recycling company in Ireland to achieve this accreditation. In more recent times (in 2002) it achieved QS 9000 registration for its specialised production process in connection with the automotive industry.

The other question normally asked is what exactly does the company produce?

The company now recycles copper cables and metals producing granules that are subsequently used copper tube production. It also recycles aluminium cables – mainly used in the aluminium production side of the business which recycles used aluminium metal products into specification ingots which are used in the automotive industry i.e. to manufacture engines for cars. Recycling aluminium uses only 5% of the energy required to produce new primary aluminium.

Paddy Carney was also involved in many other business ventures in the 1970s – from Kilkenny Products Limited. (the farm building supplies) to the Crossakiel Beef Group. His interests, enjoyment and enthusiasm were a great source of inspiration to many. His meticulous attention to detail was always his key to success. The company continues to provide valued local employment and endeavours to meet the challenges of an ever changing business environment.


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