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This premises was owned by the Brooks family who ran a pub and grocery. It was later taken over by Nicholas O’Hara, then the Misses Butterly’s from Stackallen, and finally Jimmy and Teresa Cassidy.

We received an email from Paul Brooks (related to the original owners) and Paul kindly sent us over some family photos from when his family owned the Cosy Corner, then called "J Brooks" and some family history.The Cosy Corner

Brooks family in Crossakiel

Patrick Brooks (1809-1887) was the first Brooks to come to the village. He ran a small farm beside the village. He married Bridget Corrigan (1816-1886) and they had 8 children (5 boys and 3 girls). Patrick and Bridget are both buried at Kilskyre.

One of the five boys, James Brooks (1855-1941) went on to run a pub and grocery business in the village (in the building later to become The Cosy Corner pub).

James was to marry 3 times!

His first wife was Mary O’Keeffe (1863-1893) and they had 6 children together. Mary died in 1893. 
James’ 2nd wife was Marcella Murphy (1864-1899) and they had one daughter together. Sadly Marcella died in 1899.  James married for the 3rd time in 1904. His wife was Ann O’Brien (1858-1952). They had no children together.  James Brooks died on 22nd July 1941. He is buried in Kilskyre Church grounds, along with Ann who died in 1952.

The Brooks family sold the premises in the 1950’s.

Photo Information:

Brooks Shop (Crossakiel) date not known.
We have no date for this photo, but you can see how the building has not charged over the years. The doorway into the house is the very same, with the same glass pattern over it.

Five Brooks Brothers circa 1870’s
These are the 5 sons of Patrick Brooks and Bridget Corrigan. James, John, Michael, Terence and Owen. James Brooks is the man on the left of the photo. He was the man who went on to run the pub / shop in the village. We believe this photo was taken late 1870’s or early 1880’s.

J Brooks Shop (Crossakiel) circa 1930’s

This was taken during the 1930’s outside the pub/shop. James Brooks is on the right of photo. His 3rd wife Ann is standing in front of the door on the right. The man on the far left is Michael Brooks (son of James) and the other people are members of Michael’s family (my own father is one of the boys).

James Brooks and 3rd wife Ann
This photo shows James and Ann in the doorway of the house (you can see the timber doorway is the same as the other photos). Again we would say it was taken in the 1930’s. James died in July 1941 aged 86 years.

Cosy Corner 2009 (still the same in 2017)

This photo was from our trip in 2009. It just shows how the building has not charged in around 100 years! Note the main doorway.


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