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We have just been notified by AES (Waste Recovery Company) that they will not be issuing brown food waste bins to residents in Crossakiel due to the small amount of customers that they have at present.

Brown Recycle BinWe know that the billing has changed and now everything will be based on the weight of your black bin. Everyone is allocated 500kg and if you go over this amount, you will be charged 12c for every Kilo you go over your limit.

We contacted AES and informed them that charging customers on a per weight basis when we cannot avail of the brown food waste bin was not fair, so they have agreed to increase the weight limit from 500kg to 1000kg for each customer, but this is not automatic. You will need to contact them on 045 580060 and speak to customer services.

When AES have enough customers in the area or when it is possible to issue the brown bins, they will do so.

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