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As wireless companies prepare to launch the next generation of service, there are new questions about the possible health risks from radiation emitted by mobile phones and the transmitters that carry the signals.

Concerns about the potential harmful effects of radiofrequency radiation have dogged mobile technology since the first brick-sized mobile phones hit the market in the 1980s.

Obviously, the residents of Crossakiel should also be concerned due to the fact that we have a Vodafone mast located just outside the village. At present, it is offering a GSM and a UMTS Service (Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service), but we do not know how much power this mast is pushing out into the Crossakiel village at present. 5gdanger

Researchers are very concerned about the dangers of 5G but Industry and Government officials have largely dismissed those fears, saying the radiation exposure is minimal and that the devices are safe. Incidences of and deaths from brain cancer have shown little change in recent years despite the explosion in mobile phone usage, they note (selective research by the Government! Ed).

Unfortunately if you ask any school or Government department about the dangers of mobile phone and Wi Fi technology, they will provide you with a 14 page, 2007 report produced by the World Health Organisation (WHO) stating that the technology was researched and it was deemed safe. This is the general programmed dogma that all the officials will give you.

This is what they will not tell you - When the World Health Organisation put together a group to decide if this technology was safe, they asked a man called Dr. Michael Repacholi to chair the group. To no surprise, the group found the technology to be safe and they proceeded to inform the WHO of their findings. The WHO then informed the rest of the Governments in Europe and provided them with the 14 page report.

After this was completed, the WHO found out that Dr Michael Repacholi was actually “Double Jobbing” and was also a consultant for the communications industry, “conflict of interest” you may say? You would be right. The WHO proceeded to sack Dr Repacholi and since the horse had already bolted, meaning the report had already been sent out, the WHO choose deniability from then on in as they would have a lot of egg on their face.

A report was produced in secret for the WHO to assess the real damaged of mobile phone and Wi FI technology and the report concluded that this technology can cause over 600 symptoms and health issues. Access to this report is currently ongoing.

So you see, the Irish Government, as usual, just go along with what they are told from Europe. Even if they did know (which I’m sure they do), due to the level of integration this technology has in our society, deniability is the name of the game. They would be sued for billions if they told the truth. So now know you both sides, what are you going to do about it? Do we allow Vodafone to install 5G technology on their mast which will create more health problems for the village?

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