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Your straw man (Strawman) is an artificial person created by law at the of your birth, the inscription of an ALL-CAPITAL LETTERS NAME on your birth certificate/document, which is a document of title and a negotiable instrument. Your lawful, Christian name of birthright was replaced with a legal, corporate name of deceit and fraud. Your name in upper and lower case letters (Jane Mary Doe) has been answering when the legal person, your name in ALL-CAPTIAL LETTERS (JANE MARY DOE), is addressed, and therefore the two have been recognized as being one and the same. When, you Jane Mary Doe, the lawful being distinguish yourself as another party than the legal person, the two will be separated.

Legally, since your birth your artificial person, has been considered a slave or indentured servant to the government via your STATE-issued, STATE-created birth certificate in the name of your all-caps person. Your birth certificate was issued so that  the issuer could claim "exclusive" title to the legal person created. This was further compounded when you voluntarily obtained a driver's license and a PPS (Personal Public Service) number. The state even owns your personal and private life through your STATE-issued marriage license/certificate issued in the all-caps names. You have had no rights in birth, marriage, nor will you have them even in death unless you re-capture your straw man. (The names on tombstones in cemeteries are in all-caps.) The STATE holds the title to your legal person it created via your birth certificate, until Jane Mary Doe, the rightful owner, the holder in due course of the instrument, that is yourself, reclaims/redeems it.

When the Government sells bonds to the market, they are selling your future earnings.  A bond is short for "bondage" and I'm sure we do not have to explain what "being in bondage" means.

This video might help to explain it further:-

You might be thinking that this is not real? Well a A Notary Public is a public officer constituted by law to serve the public in non-contentious matters usually concerned with foreign or international business. The following document found on their website states that:-

"At the heart of the functions and powers of the notary is a concept of recording and authenticating the legal acts of persons, natural and 'artificial' - in the sense of a body corporate."

I'm sure there will be arguments and disagreements about this and how it stands up in court, but it is interesting to know that we are "two" people and the second "artificial" that is addressed in "uppercase letters" receives all the fines and bills. Maybe the next time you deal with a corporate company or Government department, check your envelope and see if your details are in uppercase!

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