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Now that the elections are upon us, it’s time to think on which party we would like to run the country. Unfortunately there will be the diehard fans of the main stream parties who support their “party” like a football team because their father/grandfather supported the party. Regardless of how they destroyed the county, they will support the party regardless.

Or maybe they know the local councillor who fixed their fence or a pot hole in the road, so they promised to give him/her a vote in the election.  Yes, he might be a nice guy, but his party (FF/FG/Labour) has destroyed the country.  Two suicides a day and businesses closing down nationwide, is not a recovery! Reinstate 48

For someone who has been involved first had in dealing with people involved in evictions and regular visits to Trim court to help people who are up before the registrar regarding their mortgage arrears, it is very disheartening that people will STILL vote for the main stream parties even with the country on its knees.

So what are the alternatives? Well not many people are aware that in our 1922 constitution, our forefathers gave us a process called Direct Democracy. They gave us this to protect the people from corrupt politicians. This process was removed in 1937 by De Valera as he realised the power the people had over the Government and he did not want the people of Ireland to have this process available to them via our constitution.

Well, there are a number of parties out there who want to put article 48, the Direct Democracy process, back in to our constitution to allow the people to choose.

If we had this in 2008, the Government would have had to ask the people if they wanted to bail out the banks. Unfortunately, we do not have it in, yet. So, please remember, you get the Government you voted for!

Here is Ben Gilroy explaining the Direct Democracy process.

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