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According to the Sunday Independent, mobile criminals, posing as undercover gardai, are targeting elderly drivers on country roads as part of a sinister new scam.

Midland communities are on high alert following a shameful robbery on an elderly couple in Ballynacargy, Co Westmeath. Two men, impersonating plain-clothes gardai, intimidated an elderly couple into pulling over their car as they were driving on a quiet and isolated rural road.

The robbers questioned the couple on their driving in a quasi-official manner and asked them to produce identification or a driving licence. However, once the driver took out his wallet, it was snatched from his hand and the robbers made their escape with a substantial sum of money. Gardai Image

Longford and Westmeath Fianna Fail TD Robert Troy is calling on midlands communities to be on high alert. "The methods used by the robbers in this instance were sinister. Their actions were cold and calculated," he said.

"People also have the right to demand proper identification from gardai, should they suspect foul play is involved," he said. Mr Troy has attended meetings with local garda chiefs about this latest heartless scam to discuss ways of preventing further attacks.

Blue flashing lights can easily be purchased from the internet, so do not be fooled by this this method either. If you have any doubts or you are suspicious about a car posing as an unmarked Gardai car, we would recommend that you drive to the nearest Gardai station or to a location like a shop or supermarket where there are members of the public around. This should scare off the scammers. If it turns out to be genuine, than you can explain to the Gardai why you did what you did.

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