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Microwave cookers have been around for a long time and are found in most homes and used to heat food quickly. When they started to develop microwaves ovens, they tried a frequency of 900MHz but they found that this melted the actual microwave casing, so they increased the frequency to 2.4GHz (which is the same frequency of Wi Fi routers).  So if a microwave can cook food at 2.4GHz and your Wi Fi in your home is on 24/7, that means that YOU and your family are being cooked slowly by your Wi Fi router. This sounds like madness, but ignorance is now a choice with the amount of information available on the internet.

You might be saying "the government would never allow this", well have a look around the world and see what "Government's allow". You do not even have to look hard to see what the Irish Government have allowed in the past and present.

So let's look at the facts:-

Eyes are especially vulnerable to microwaves. That’s because unlike other areas of the body, they lack the blood vessels to dissipate the heat and cellular stress.  The first suspected clinical case of microwave-caused cataracts was reported by Hirsch and Parker as early as 1950's. (Sulman 1980).  For decades, cataracts have been reported in workers exposed to this type of radiation. (On the back of the lens where radiation cataracts usually occur.)

The dangers of microwaved foods.
Microwaves break chemical and molecular bonds, and can literally rip atoms apart, disrupting the basic biochemical structures of life. It’s no wonder foods cooked in such a way become so harmful to consume.

Government and industry studies suggest they pose no threat. But a growing body of knowledge now contradicts those claims.

Microwaved foods lose nutrition.
The Swiss scientist Hans Hertel was the first to study microwave dangers, specifically, how cooking degrades and depletes food of nutrients—an effect that shows up in study participants' blood.

Microwaving makes food unhealthy by forming harmful compounds.
When the microwave radiation destroys and deforms food molecules, new harmful compounds form (radiolytic compounds). These dangerous compounds harm the body in many ways.

Microwaved meals change blood chemistry
The research, from Search for Health (Spring, 1992): After study participants consumed microwaved vegetables, Swiss Scientist Hertel measured the following effects:

Cholesterol levels increased rapidly.
Hemoglobin decreased significantly (creating anemic tendencies.)
Lymphocytes (white blood cells) showed a significant term decrease.
Increased stress (evidence by the increase of leukocyte)
NOTE: Leukocyte response can indicate pathogenic effects such as poisoning and cell damage.
More harmful effects of microwaving
The research, from Pediatrics (vol. 89, no. 4, April 1992) on microwaving human breast milk:

Cuts down on lysozyme activity
Reduces key antibodies
Promotes potentially dangerous bacteria.
Milk heated to 72 degrees lost a full 96% of all immunoglobulin-A antibodies, which fight invading microbes.

Researcher’s conclusion: microwaving likely reduces and reverses the potential benefits of food, above and beyond the harm heating itself causes.

Another study of microwave problems reported in the journal The Lancet showed that when infant formula was microwaved for ten minutes, it altered the structure of its component amino acids, possibly resulting in functional, structural and immunological abnormalities.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell talks about the long-term dangers of using microwave ovens. He says they kill the food and actually make it toxic. He also says that could be very dangerous to you.


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