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For people who think anything that doesn't fit into their current belief system or that, if something was going to happen to the planet, our main stream media would be reporting it to the masses as soon as possible.  Well, the media have a great way of taking two words like "conspiracy" and "theorist" and putting them together to form a meaning and than repeating it in a way that anyone who actully questions their reporting obviously must be a "conspiracy theorist".  Also, most people have such faith in the main stream media that, if it's not on the news, it must not have happened.  Unfortunately, time and time again we hear of things happen which are not reported or the information is twisted in the favour of the government or whoever needs positive press.

So what should we believe when you see an interview with john Kerry (United States - Secretary of State) and French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius telling the press that in 500 days we will have climate chaos (September 2015). You need to forward to 5 minutes 25 seconds to hear the French Minister say this.  So ask yourself, is this a conspirancy theory?

Is this true? I do not know. Why would they say it if it wasn't? Maybe it's just another lie from politicans.....or is it?

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